Thursday, 2 May 2013

Game & Wario European release date announced!

Wario is back! and how! A new collection of mini games will launch on the Wii U in Europe on 28th June. This game is supposed to let people know what the power is of the gamepad. It introduces many of its features inside the mini games.

For example:

- Use it as a CAMERA, take snapshots of criminals while holding the gamepad up to zoom in on the crime scene!

- There's also a GAMER challenge where you play as a kid who uses the gamepad to stay up late and play games. But you have to keep an eye on the TV because when his mom catches you it's game over! The TV gives an overview of the bedroom while you use the gamepad to take on the challenges.

- In DISCO you be playing against your friends in a dance-off. But instead of actually dancing, you have to tap with you fingers on the gamepad to follow the beat!

- In FRUIT you can play up to five people! One will play a fruit thief using the gamepad while others have to search the TV screen to see where the fruit disappears and catch the thief in its tracks while using the Wii-mote!

- In ARTWORK it's a sketching showdown also up to five players! Artwork has also Miiverse integrated where your drawing can be posted to the Artwork channel and be appreciated by all!

Looking forward to this game or not? Let me know below!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Characters made from a Controller Cord

Some people are real inventive. Like Erika Iris for example. She created characters from games on the NES out of her controller cord! Now that's real art!

Can you make something? Let me know!

Game on!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Luigi's Mansion 2 Dark Moon

Another release has been Luigi's Mansion 2 for Nintendo 3DS! 

(Covers and inlays are from Dutch EU version)

It's been since 2001 on the Gamecube that we have seen the first one in this series! We waited long.. but was it worth it? YEAH it really was!
The game is awesome! The vibe is good, the gameplay is incredible, the sound is great, the characters are hilarious, everything feels just like we wanted it to!
You really get sucked in from the first second you start up the game! And it keeps you going till the end! I'm not going to tell you the whole story.. you have to find out for yourself! All I can say is buy the game cause it's really really worth it!

If you have another opinion or things you wanne share about the game just let me know below! ^_^

Game on!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lego City Undercover released!

And finally Lego City Undercover was released! Me so happy with my Limited Edition! I was always a fan of Lego when I was a child so the little figurine of Chase McCain makes me think of the days I build my own Lego City! Trying the game this week so expect a review from my point of view soon!

Game on!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wii mini unboxing

Finally our Wii Mini has arrived! As promised here are the unboxing pictures! ^_^

Opening the box from Amazon:

The cover looks beautiful with the Red and Black colors:

After opening the front sleeve we find the manual and the club Nintendo points card:

Underneath the manual we find the Wii mini logo:

In the second half of the box we come to the Wii mini unit itself and the adapter:

Having taken out the Wii mini and the adapter we find another carton sleeve with underneath it the last compartment:

In the last compartment we find the Red Wii Mote, the Red Nunchuk, the Sensor bar and the AV Cable:

Everything out of the box:

Closeup Red Wii Mote and Red Nunchuk (they look awesome ^_^):

The Wii mini itself looks badass! The Black and Red colors are awesome! and the grills on the side make it look retro like the Nes and Snes!:

On the back we find the connection ports for the AV Cable, Sensor bar, Adapter and One USB port, The Wii mini has no SD card slot, but because it doesn't support online play it really doesn't need it, because it only stores save files on the console:

On the side there's a small button to sync your Wii motes!:

Opening up the disc drive!:

The Wii mini is awesome! It looks way better then the original Wii in my opinion! I really like the retro look! The only down point is the lack of online functionality, but despite that it's one badass console!

What's your opinion?

Game on!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wii mini release Europe

On 21 March they finally released the Nintendo Wii mini in Europe! Why others may think it's an unnessesary console, I think it's a very nice one! ^_^ I'm  a Nintendo collector so for me it's a real awesome console! The only problem I have with it getting released here is that they didn't announce it for Belgium and so. I thought it wouldn't get released here, so I ordered it form
It was send yesterday and will arrive on 25th March. Expect an unboxing post on Monday ^_^

What I really like about this one is that it has some sort of old school look!
And off course the red color with black is awesome!

What you think of the Wii mini?

Till next post!

Game on!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Late Birthday Present

Last weekend I went to my best friend's house! He and his girlfriend invited me and my girlfriend over for a drink and to give me a very late birthday present :). He forgot to give me something in december. I thought I should share what I got with you all!

I'm very happy with the gift! Cause I'm collecting all figures! ^_^

What awesome Nintendo gifts did you get as a present?

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Game on!